It caters to neonates and children upto 18 years of age. We have a robust OPD and thriving pediatric ward. The department has a well-equipped NICU and PICU. We plan to build up the department with an aim to develop state of the art pediatric and neonatal critical care services as well as develop various pediatric subspecialties. We also aim to develop strong and effective teaching curriculum and an environment conducive to good quality research.


1. To impart high quality patient care to children and adolescents
2. To impart comprehensive medical education in the science of pediatrics to postgraduates, undergraduates and nurses
3. To cultivate, encourage and sustain an attitude of basic and advanced scientific research at all levels

Year of Establishment - 2017

Name of the first HOD

Dr Malobika Bhattacharya

Names & Qualification of all members

Dr ( Brig ) Rakesh Gupta
MD ( Paed), M Phil (HHSM), FIAP
Director GIMS

Dr Sujaya Mukhopadhyay
Assistant Professor MBBS, DCH, DNB(Pediatrics), MRCPCH

Dr Sanju Yadav
Senior Resident

Dr Sukhbir Singh
Junior Resident

Dr Shazmeen Imran (DNB)
Junior Resident

Dr Sahabzada Faizal Kamal (DNB)
Junior Resident

Dr Deepak Poonia (DNB)
Junior Resident


Dr Malobika Bhattacharya

Dr Malobika Bhattacharya

Associate Professor & Head

Dr Malobika Bhattacharya is Head of department of Paediatrics.
Dr Malobika Bhattacharya is Head of the Department of Pediatrics. She did her MBBS from Lady Hardinge Medical College and MD from Maulana Azad Medical College. She worked as Assistant Professor at Maulana Azad Medical College followed by Associate Professorship at Chacha Nehru Bal Chikitsalay before joining GIMS. She has a keen interest in pediatric Gastroenterology and is trained in GI endoscopy from GB Pant Hospital, Delhi.

National Publications of Dr Malobika Bhattacharya

1. Choudhury P, Bhattacharya M, Rajeshwari K. The role of probiotics in diarrhoeal diseases. The Child and Newborn 2008;12:129-30.
2. Bhattacharya M, Parakh A, Narang M. Drug review: Tigecycline. J Postgrad Med 2009;55:65-68.
3. Dubey AP, Bhattacharya M. Recent advances: Vaccinology in children. J International Medical Sciences Academy 2009;22:49-52.
4. Bhattacharya M, Dubey AP, Mathur NB. Prevalence of celiac disease in north Indian children. Indian Pediatr 2009;46:415-17.
5. Bhattacharya M, Rajeshwari K, Sardana K, Gupta P. Case report: Granulomatous cheilitis secondary to tuberculosis in a child. J Postgrad Med 2009;55:190-92.
6. Bhattacharya M, Rajeshwari K, Saxena R. Prevalence of orphanhood and comparision of demographic and clinical features of orphans and non-orphans at a pediatric HIV centre in north India. Indian J Pediatr 2010;77:627-31
7. Bhattacharya M, Rajeshwari K, Dhingra B. Drug review: Posaconazole. J Postgrad Med 2010;56:163-7
8. Dubey A P, Bhattacharya M. Ready-to-use therapeutic food: A review. Journal of Practical Pediatrics 2011;13:50-6.

9. Bhattacharya M, Kapoor S, Dubey AP. Celiac disease presentation in a tertiary referral centre in India: current scenario. Indian J Gastroenterol 2013;32:98-102. Published online in Indian Journal of Gastroenterology on 19th August 2012 (DOI 10.1007/s12664-012-0240-y)
10. Maiti D, Bhattacharya M, Yadav S. Isolated Exon 8 Deletion in Type 1 Spinal Muscular Atrophy with Bilateral Optic Atrophy: Unusual Genetic Mutation Leading to Unusual Manifestation? J Postgrad Med. 2012;58:294-5.
11. Bhattacharya M, Joshi N, Yadav S. To compare the effect of dextromethorphan, promethazine and placebo on nocturnal cough in children aged 1-12 y with upper respiratory infections: a randomized controlled trial. Indian J Pediatr. 2013;80:891-5. Published online in Indian J Pediatr. DOI 10.1007/s12098-013-1002-2.
12. Jain S, Chowdhury V, Juneja M, Kabra M, Pandey S, Singh A, Bhattacharya M and Kapoor S. Intellectual disability in Indian children: experience with a stratified approach for etiological diagnosis. Indian Pediatr. 2013;50:1125-30. Published online in Indian Pediatr. Epub05062013/RP-00103.pdf
13. Singh A, Rajeshwari K, Bhattacharya M, et al. Cartilege hair hypoplasia and celiac disease: report of an Indian girl with novel genotype. Indian J Gastroenterol. 2013;32:409-12.
14. Bhattacharya M, Kapoor S, Dubey A P. Clinical and histopathological correlation of duodenal biopsy with IgA anti-tissue transglutaminase titres in children with celiac disease. Indian J Gastroenterology 2014:33:350-4
15. Khurana B, Lomash A, Khalil S, Bhattacharya M, Rajeshwari K, Kapoor S. Evaluation caregivers. Indian J Gastroenterol. 2015. DOI 10.1007/s12664-015-0563-6
16. Mittal SK, Bhattacharya M. Celiac disease and anemia. Indian Pediatr 2018:55;23-4
17. Mittal SK, Bhattacharya M. Pediatric acute liver failure. Accepted for publication in Indian Journal of Practical Pediatrics
18. Mittal SK, Bhattacharya M. Upper gastrointestinal bleeding in children. Accepted for publication in Indian Journal of Practical Pediatrics
19 Uncorrected Refractive error as a cause of headache: A Cross Sectional Study. Chaturvedi N,Nidhi, Jain P, Bhattacharya M. Accepted for publication in Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development
20. Chaturvedi N,Nidhi, Bhattacharya M. Comparative Study Of The Efficacy Of Topical Loteprednol EtabonateAnd Fluorometholone InThe Treatment Of Vernal Keratoconjunctivitis :A RandomisedControlled Study. Submitted to Nepalese Journal of Ophthalmology

International Publications of Dr Malobika Bhattacharya

1. Bhattacharya M, Krishnamurthy S, Parakh A. Drug review: Ertapenem. Kathmandu Univ Med J 2009;7:429-35.
2. Bhattacharya M, Joshi N. Spinal epidural abscess with myelitis and meningitis caused by Streptococcus pneumonia in young child. J Spinal Cord Medicine 2011;34:340-3.
3. Bhattacharya M, Dubey AP, Sharma M. Patterns of Diagnosis Disclosure and its Correlates in HIV-Infected North Indian Children. J Trop Pediatr 2011;57:405-11. Epub 2010 Dec 10
4. Bhattacharya M, Joshi N, Yadav S, Rastogi D. Cranial nerve palsies in enteric fever: A case series. Annals of Tropical Pediatrics 2011;31:255-8
5. Bhattacharya M, Kapoor S. Quadriplegia due to celiac crisis with hypokalemia as initial presentation of celiac disease: a case report. J Trop Pediatr. 2012 Feb;58(1): 74-6. Epub 2011 Apr 27.
6. Bhattacharya M, Dubey A P. Adherence to ART and its correlates among HIV-infected children at an HIV clinic in New Delhi. Annals of Tropical Pediatrics 2011;31:331-7.
7. Bhattacharya M, Mantan M, Dhingra D. Acute kidney injury in a tertiary care centre. Saudi J Kidney Dis Transpl. 2013;24:413-7.
8. Bhattacharya M, Saxena R. Outcome of antiretroviral treatment in hiv-infected orphans and non-orphans at an art centre in north India. Paediatrics and International Child Health 2012;32:228-32.

Cinque Terre

Dr. (Brig.) Rakesh Kumar Gupta

MD ( Paed), M Phil (HHSM), FIAP
Professor, Paediatrics
Director, GIMS

Dr (Brig) Rakesh Gupta is an alumnus of JN Medical College Aligarh and did MD in Pediatrics from prestigious Armed Forces Medical College Pune and M.Phil in Hospital and health system Management (HHSM) from BITS Pilani and trained in NABH. During his illustrious AFMS carrier, he has held a various appointments in field as Regimental Medical officer and worked as Pediatrician in tertiary care Armed Forces hospitals at Delhi, Lucknow and Pune. He was actively involved in undergraduate and Post graduate teaching as Professor of Pediatrics at Armed Forces Medical College Pune, Base Hospital Delhi Cantt and Command Hospital Lucknow. He is a recognized supervisor & guide for post graduate candidates of DCH, MD (Paeds) & DNB at universities of Delhi, Pune, MUHS Nashik, RGUHS Bangalore, West Bengal UHS Kolkata, HIMS Dehradun, A M U Aligarh, Dy Patil University Mumbai and National Board of Examinations, New Delhi.
For his dedicated and committed service to the Armed Forces, the officer has been bestowed upon "Chief of Army chief staff commendation" thrice in 2009, 2013 and 2017. He was also awarded "GOC-in-C Commendation" in 2016 for exemplary services while commanding a Military hospital. He is a pediatrician par excellence and has been awarded prestigious FIAP by Indian academy of pediatrics for his contribution in the field of Pediatrics. He has published over 50 papers in National & international Journals and presented more than 100 papers in conferences. He was heading the department of Pediatrics, AFMC Pune, before he took over as Director of GIMS Greater Noida on 21 Jul 2018.

Details of Research publications and chapters published by Dr (Brig) Rakesh Gupta

1. Impact of Prophylactic use of Colony Stimulating Factors on the Pattern of Neutropenia and Infections in moderately intensive Chemotherapy published in MJAFI Vol 53 NO 3 July 1997 [ AWARD PAPER]
2. Crouzons Syndrome with Hydrocephalus- Published in Indian Pediatrics Volume 38, Number 2, Feb 2001 issue.
3. Levamisole Induced Ataxia Published in Indian Pediatrics Vol 38, Number 4, April 2001 page 417- 419
4. Furazolidine Induced Erythema Multiforme- Published in Medical Journal Armed Forces India -MJAFI 2001;57:256-257.
5. Schizencephaly Type- I Published in Indian Pediatrics Vol 38, Number 9 Sep 2001 , page 1049-52
6. Kippel Feil syndrome with Pulmonary cyst Published in Medical Journal Armed Forces India 2002 ; 58 :158-159
7. Treacher Collins Syndrome : A report on two Cases Published in Medical Journal Armed Forces India 2002; 58 :267-268.
8. Is it Hydranencephaly A Variant ? Published in Medical Journal Armed Forces India 2002 ; 58 : 338-339 .
9. Sjogren Larsoon Syndrome. Published in Medical Journal Armed Forces India 2002 ; 58 : 352-354
10. Bochdalek Hernia in a child published in MJAFI 2004 : 60 ( No 3 ) : 305-306.
11. Gupta R, Gupta KK, Jain BR, Garg RK.. ABC and VED analysis in medical stores inventory control.MJAFI.2007.63 (4): 325-327.
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14. Gupta R, Garg A, Venkateshwar V, Kanitkar M. Spectrum of childhood tuberculosis in BCG vaccinated and unvaccinated children. MJAFI.2009.65 (4): 305-307.
15. Gupta R, Gupta A, Kanitkar M. Stavudine induced Acute Pancreatitis in Pediatric Human Immunodeficiency Virus infection. MJAFI. 2010;66 : 175-176.
16. Gupta R, Khera S, Kanitkar M. Familial Glucocorticoid Deficiency. MJAFI.2011;67 (1): 69-71.
17. Midhun R, Kumar P, Gupta R. Child with ventricular septal defect, absent left upper limb pulses and dysmorphism. MJAFI.2011.67 (2):301-2.
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30. Gupta R, Sandipan S, Mahajan V, Venkatesh G, Srivastava K. A study of psychological impact of diagnosis of HIV in children and adolescents in Indian population. HIV/AIDS Res Treat Open J. 2015; 2(1): 16-20 [ INTERNATIONAL]
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Cinque Terre

Dr. Sujaya Mukhopadhyay

MBBS, DCH, DNB (Pediatrics), MRCPH
Assistant Professor, Paediatrics

I did my MBBS and DCH from Jawahar Lal Nehru Medical College, AMU, Aligarh, U.P and later DNB Pediatrics from K.G. Patel Children Hospital, Vadodara, Gujarat. Thereafter I successfully cleared MRCPCH exam. I did my Senior residency in Dept of Pediatrics in School of Medical Science and Research, Greater Noida and joined Govt. Institute of Medical Sciences in 2020 as Assistant Professor in Pediatrics. Before joining GIMS, I also worked as Assistant Professor in School of Medical Science and Research, Greater Noida. My areas of interest include intensive care and deveplepmental pediatrics though all aspects of Pediatrics intrigue me.

Details of Research publications and chapters published by Dr Sujaya Mukhopadhyay

1. Mukhopadhyay S, Bhattacharjee P, Joshi P. School based screening tools for childhood obesity: a comparison of TSFT, WHR and BMI. Int J Contemp Pediatr 2017;4:370- 3.
2. Hassan N, Mukhopadhyay S, Mohan S. Morbidity and mortality profile of preterm neonates admitted in neonatal intensive care unit of a tertiary care centre in Western Uttar Pradesh, India. Int J Contemp Pediatr 2019;6:1859-62.
3. Bhattacharjee P,Mukhopadhyay S, Joshi P, Singh S. Food habits and obesity: a study in adolescents. Int J Contemp Pediatr 2017;4:336-40.
4. Hassan N, Mukhopadhyay S, Bhattacharjee P, Sinha R. Bed side prognostic markers for dengue fever: serum lactate, base excess and central peripheral temperature gradient. Int J Contemp Pediatr 2017;4:2041-5.
5. Mukhopadhyay S, Hassan N. Etiology and clinico-hematological profile of neonates with pathological unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia: a tertiary care centre experience. Int J Contemp Pediatr 2019;6:1888-92.

Facility available in Department with capacity

Innovations in Patient Care: CHOICE banner (Comprehensive child Healthcare, OPD services and Immunization Clinic Everyday).
Child development clinic
Well Baby Clinic

Facility wise daily work load

Child Development Clinic- 6/day
PICU- 2/week

Equipments available






CME/Workshops organized by the department

1. 4 BLS workshops for healthcare workers
2. Organized Awareness Seminar on Protecting, Promoting and Supporting Breastfeeding at Health Facilities in association with BPNI on 19th February 2020 at GIMS, Gr. Noida

Research activities by the department

1. Impact of nutritional counselling on infant and young child feeding practices attending OPD in a tertiary care hospital in western UP. PI- Dr (Brig) R K Gupta
2. Selected congenital anomalies and maternal risk factors: a case control study. PI- Dr (Brig) R K Gupta
3. COVID-19 awareness among healthcare workers: A questionnaire based cross-sectional study. PI- Dr Malobika Bhattacharya
4. Outcome of newborns born to COVID positive mothers. DNB thesis of Dr Shazmeen Imran under the supervision of Dr (Brig) R K Gupta
5. Clinical profile and delayed effects of COVID in pediatric patients. DNB thesis of Dr Sahabzada Faizal Kamal under the supervision of Dr Malobika Bhattacharya


35 bedded fully furnished ward with central oxygen supply, 5 bed NICU and 5 bed PICU with central oxygen supply, OPD consisting of multiple consultation rooms and treatment rooms, demo rooms for teaching, faculty and resident rooms on 4th floor

Training activities & courses run

DNB Pediatrics 4 seats - 2 Primary, 2 Secondary

Teaching Aids available

LCD Projector

No. of PCs and laptop Computers in Department

01 Computer

Facility wise daily work load

In-patient 15-20, Outpatient 280 Daily on Average

Total number of beds

Ward-35, NICU-5, PICU-5

Departmental Pics