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Our central library strives to serve teaching, learning & research needs of the medical fraternity by:

  • Providing timely, accurate information and comfortable academic environment to users.
  • Enable medical discovery by connecting people with knowledge.
  • Promoting research & development and hence leading to improved patient care.


Our central library strives to serve teaching, learning & research needs of the medical fraternity by:

  • Only the persons carrying the college identity card will be allowed to enter into the central library.
  • Please keep your belongings in the property counter before entering library.
  • Users are requested not to leave their valuable items like money, jewellery, Passport, Credit card etc. at the property counter.
  • The guard will make entry into the register during entry and exit of library.
  • Please be prepared for any checking of belongings at security counter.
  • Silence must be strictly observed in the library.
  • Mobile phones to be either switched off or to be kept on silent mode.
  • No books, bags, umbrellas, parcels etc. (except files, laptop and blank papers) can be brought inside the library.
  • Smoking, consumption of food and drinks are not permitted inside the library premises.
  • Theft and mutilation of library materials is a punishable offense.
  • Offenders will be penalized and payment must be made to cover all damages like writing on pages of books or tearing pages of text materials.
  • Please do not write on tables. Users should not place their feet on chairs or table.
  • Notices may be displayed in the library with the due permission of the Faculty in-charge of central library.
  • All the readers should follow the rules of the library, failing which the librarian has the authority to bring the same to the notice of librarian based on which disciplinary measures will be implemented.
  • At the time of issue of books, the users shall fully satisfy themselves about its physical condition.
  • A borrower will be held responsible for lost/damaged/torn pages in the book. In such a case, an immediate report should be made to the librarian to enable appropriate action to be taken.
  • Reference books, thesis and CDs are to be consulted within the library only.
  • In case of lost book/ library card, it should be reported immediately in writing to the Librarian. Each duplicate card will be charged Rs. 100/-
  • The library staff on duty has the right to request a user to leave the premises if he/she is found to be violating any of the library rules.


  • Do not use the computers to view the non-academic websites like facebook, playing games and music etc.
  • Do not un-install any program /service in any computer.
  • You are allowed to use the computer for a time allocated by the library staff. If need arises, you can be asked to give others opportunity to use the computers.


Our central library is well-stacked with latest collection of medical text and reference books to aid our curriculum , journals of national & international repute, educational CDs and DVDs for students, faculty and research scholars.


  • The library is opened: Monday to Friday, 2nd & 4th Saturday of week:- 9:00 am to 5:30 pm
  • The Common outdoor reading room is open 24 x 7 (round the clock) on all days to all faculty, residents, students and staff members for reading and consultation


  • An issue register will be maintained in the library. Complete details including the name of the borrower, name / author of the books, date of issue and tentative return date will be filled in the register.
  • Books are issued to the users of the library for a period of 2 weeks.
  • Books must be brought at the counter for renewal.
  • In case the book is lost by member, it must be replaced with latest edition.
  • Failure to return a book by the due date specified will be treated as a late fine.
  • Fine of Rs 10/- per day will be imposed if the issued book is not returned on time.
  • The library will endeavour to send overdue notices but will not be responsible for non-delivery, under whatever circumstances.


  • READING ROOM SERVICES: The outdoor Reading Room is opened 24 x 7 to all faculty, residents, students and staff members for reading and consultation.
  • REPROGRAPHY & PRINTING SERVICES: Library provides photocopy of books and articles from printed journals available in its collection at nominal charges. Printing facility of articles searched from data-bases and journals are also available in the library.


  • To acquire library management software KOHA in near future.
  • To obtain membership to ERMED (Electronic Resources in Medicine)- INDIA e-journal consortium started by National Medical library.

Library Committee Members

Dr. (Brig) Rakesh Gupta


Dr. Bharti Bhandari Rathore

Member Secretary

Dr. Aprajita Panwar

Assistant Member Secretary